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2000 Years of Pentecostal Preaching

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The below messages are just a taste of Pentecostal messages by vessels that have spanned 100 years

of proclaiming Christ Jesus to the world and to the church.

These messages are provided FREE for your encouragement challenge and joy, I would ask you NOT TO COPY them for SALE.

If you do want to pass on messages I would ask that you please mark on them this website address.





Classic Archive Messages

AFRICAN AVENTURE, The Testimony of W.F.P. Burton.  This testimony was given in the 60's by brother Burton who pioneered missions into Congo in 1915 accompanied by Jimmy Salter who was Wigglesworth's son in law. This testimony is filled with the saving miracle working power of God. This Man of God raised up many thousands of churches and sent forth many labourers both from Britain and Europe as missionaries and also Africa as pastor's and traveling Evangelists.

Download W.F.P. Burton.cda


APOSTOLIC MINISTRY by Howard Carter. This challenging message was given in 1961 at the annual conference of the Assemblies of God of Great Britain and Ireland. Carter played an important role in the early years of AoG in the UK as well as establishing and running its Bible College. Later he traveled the world ministering to missionaries on many different fields. He is best remembered for his teaching on the nine supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Download H. Carter.cda


GUIDANCE by Donald Gee. This is a short snippet of a teaching by this clear distinct Bible teacher who traveled the World and was constantly writing books and articles for magazines in order to edify and build up the churches as well as keeping this great Pentecostal ship on course. Some of the strong early prophetic and evangelistic ministries stocked the fire and shouted the orders but this man held the ship on a direct course by the Truth of the Word.



THE NAKED SPLENDOUR OF THE CROSS, by Harold Horton. This message was first preached at the AoG convention in the 30's, it was reprinted in the 60's in the AoG magazine sounding out as a warning over the century to the Pentecostal Movement to not depart from the glorious message of Christ's work on the Cross. This message still has the power of Holy Ghost conviction upon it to challenge, rebuke and exhort. "He that has ears to hear, hear what the Spirit saith." Brother Horton was healed under the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth and called back to walk with God.  He fellowshipped and laboured extensively with all the early pioneers like the Carter Brothers, Donald Gee and the rest. In the 30's he also wrote the all time classic book called "The Gifts of the Holy Spirit"which was sold across the world.

Download 01 Naked Splendour of the Cross.m4a


"WILT THOU BE MADE WHOLE?", by Jack Coe.  Jack Coe was raised up God in the 1950's with a powerful Gospel preaching ministry confirmed with signs following. This is a powerful message and testimony of Christ healing Brothet Coe's sister.

Download Track02.cda


GOD WILL BURN YOUR BARELY FIELDS, by Jack Coe. This is one of Coe's most famous and fruitful messages. If this does'nt make sinners tremble, backslidden saints repent, and those running from the call of God to bend the knee, then those individuls have had their conscience seered with a hot iron.

Download God Will Burn Your Barely Fields.m4a


THE MANDATE OF THE CHURCH, by Dr. Paul E. Lowenberg. A piercing message calling the church back to the passion of Christ's heart, The Great Commission. Dr. Lowenberg was for many years an executive presbyter of The General Council of the Assemblies of God.

Download The Mandate of the Church 1..wma


THE BLOOD OF THE COVENANT, by Aeron Morgan. This is a powerful and Scriptural message on this vital and central subject.  Over the years Aeron has pastored a number of Assembly of God churches in the UK and Australia as well as holding positions and offices on various District Councils, the Overseas Missions Council, as a tutor at Kenley Bible College (AoG in Britain) and as Principalship of the Australian College. He served on the National Executive in both nations. In 1984 he was appointed to the National Executive and then became the first General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Great Britain & Ireland. He is still active in preaching and traveling. This message was preached in September 2008. Further messages can be ordered at http://www.users.bigpond.com/aeromorg/Library/Library_Main.html 

Download 01 Blood of the Covenant.m4a


Messages by B.H. Clendennen

FORGING A VESSEL OF RECOVERY by B.H. Clendennen. This is the first message of six by B.H. Clendennen in his series Forging A Vessel of Recovery. These messages lay out the clear purpose of God in preserving a remnant and of raising up a human vessel to display Christ through in order to recover God's testimony in the earth. These messages carry the full substance of what is preached in the School of Christ International which has spread into about 130 countries in 13 years. These messages were preached in a tent in 84 but now God is bringing it to pass by preparing such a Vessel of Recovery to preach this Gospel of the kingdom one last time before He sends His Son again.

Download Vessel_of_Recovery.mp3


THE PRODIGAL CHURCH, by B.H. Clendennen. This message takes the well known and often told story of the prodigal son and applies it as a picture of the history of the Pentecostal Church from the upper room at Jerusalem down to our own present day. This Church birthed in an upper room amidst an outpouring of the Spirit has been found in our day in a pig sty ready to eat pig food. This is a call back to the prodigal church of our day. This is a very powerful message and was the first i ever heard Brother Clendennen preach many years ago.

Download Prodigal Church.mp3


A TROJAN HORSE by B.H. Clendennen. This message gives a powerful diagnosis of the Pentecostal Movement over the past 100 years. It shows how a false spirit has tried to replace a spirit of real revival. It is a call back to a real Pentecost and enduement of power from on high. The Devil assailed this movement for 50 years without success, but since then many weary saints have let down the walls. [This message is taken from one lesson of the School of Christ International which has reached into 130 nations in 15 years].


SOLDIERS, by B.H. Clendennen. This was preached to a gathering of sevaral thousand believers. It is a call back to a militant Christianity which has only ever been found in Revival Movements but is missing from most of what is called the Church in our day. This is now one of the lessons of School of Christ International and has been preached to students who have gone forth into over 150 nations in the past 15 years.

Download Soldiers.mp3


Messages by David Wilkerson

A CHRISTLESS PENTECOST, by David Wilkerson. This is a classic message and warning to the CHURCH. David Wilkerson is famed for his work amongst the drug addicts and youth gangs of New York which was told in the book "The Cross and the Switchblade." Out of this he raised up Teen Challenge which spread across the world with great success. In this message Wilkerson takes a prophetic warning given by Frank Bartleman soon after the Azussa Street outpouring in 1906 that the century would end up with a Christless Pentecost, a Revival without Christ, manifestations without holiness.



GODS VISION FOR THE LAST DAY CHURCH, by David Wilkerson. A clear message declaring what the church will look like at the end of the age before Jesus returns.

Download God's Vision for the last day church.mp3


THE GREAT APOSTACY, by David Wilkerson. A clear forthright message expounding what Christ and Scripture teaches concerning an end day apostacy (falling away from truth) amongst so-called Christians.

Download The Great Apostacy.mp3



Messages by Keith Malcomson

COMPROMISE, by Keith Malcomson. A piercing message on compromise dealing with the subtle attempts of Satan to bring believers into various areas and stages of compromise. This message was delivered at an Irish youth meeting.

Download 01 COMPROMISE.mp3


Download 01 Evan Roberts.m4a


Download Christ Raised.cda


Download Bringing back the Ark.mp3





Download SoC 4 Keith Malcomson.mp3


Download SoC 7 - Keith Malcomson.mp3



2 Special Memorial Messages

DAWN-JOY LOVELL - A Last Message.

This is the final message of Dawn-Joy Lovell just 10 days before she died. She was just 22 years old. She was a great blessing and joy to all who knew her. We can not possibly understand all of Gods workings but this one thing we know "It is well with my soul." This message was preached in the very tent which she was saved in at nine years old. She preached it as a dieing woman to a dieing world. Already people have turned to Christ through her testimony which she has left behind. Please download this message and use it to the winning of souls to Christ. This would be her desire. Much prayer has ascended that souls would be birthed through this message. She was a student and supporter of our School of Christ work in Ireland.

Farewell Dawn-Joy we shall see you very soon.

Download 01 Dawn-Joy Lovell.m4a



Her funeral was held in Ballinahinch, Northern Ireland, in the very town were she fellowshipped in New Testament Church. This is also the town where where she pleaded with sinners to turn to Christ while standing on street corners late at night. Pastor Tim McIllwrath conducted and preached the funeral. Such a presence of God overshadowed this funeral like no other I have seen. Dawn-Joys parents worshipped the Lord in the midst of their grief just like Job of old.

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