Heaven Sent Revival

Born in the Fire

-A Man and a Vision-

The Biography of D.P. (Pastor Dan) Williams.

By Tom Davies & Peter Yeoman

Tom was a great friend and colleague of Pastor Dan who supported him through his pioneering exploits and literary endeavours. He felt that it was important for the people to have a written history of the two brothers. Sadly, in his time, the manuscripts that he formulated were never published. Maybe God was planning something for a future day.

Although the papers came extremely close to being lost forever, they were retrieved, and now we have in our hands what Tom Davies desired  

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The Biblical Testing of Teachings and Manifestations.

by Aeron Morgan

Both proponents and skeptics of the modern Pentecostal and Charismatic movements will find a voice of wisdom, charity and, above all, truth in the work of Mr. Morgan.  Born in Wales, he now enjoys the wisdom and retrospective clarity gleaned from nearly 50 years of Pentecostal ministry, serving in pastoral roles as well as having been the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Britain and the Principal of Commonwealth Bible College in Australia. He is nowfulfilling an itinerant ministry in both churches and pastoral conferences and is a regular visiting faculty member at the South Pacific Bible College in Fiji.

The aim of the work is evident enough and is carried out with great enthusiasm, love and force.  Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity must come to grips with an ever-widening gap between the Scriptures and the  popular theology of both its ministers and laypeople as well as an explosion of unchecked, unaccountable ministries and 'miracles' taking place in their midst.  

Dust & Ashes Publication. 377pp. Bound in woven cloth with dustjacket. Printed on acid-free natural paper and smyth-sewn for durability. Purchace Information http://www.users.bigpond.com/aeromorg/NewBookIntro.html 

Some Chapter headings:-  Foreword by Dr. Andrew Davies of Mattersey Hall, Apostate Conditions in the Professing Church, A Plea for Fidelity to the Divine Call in Ministry, A Four-fold Requirement for All Believers, Practical Steps to Judging Manifestations, The Impediment of Ignorance and Immaturity, The Peril of All that is False, The Biblical Injunction to Judge All Things, The Reasons for Sound Judgment, Counterfeit Manifestations, Contending Earnestly for the Faith, Lying Signs and Wonders, The Curse of Neo-Pentecostalism, Defensible Tests in Determining Truth, The Test of Scriptural Endorsement, The Test of Spiritual Effectiveness, The Test of Instinctive Witness, The Test of Divine Motivation, The Test of Uninfluenced Fulfillment, The Test of Personal Credibility, The Test of Controlled Expression, Good Men can be Wrong, Distinguishing Marks of False Teachers by Thomas Brooks, Thomas Brooks, John Collins and the Puritans, And more!

Confidence Magazine 1908-1926


'Confidence', the first official magazine of the early British Pentecostal Movement, covering the years 1908-1926, has now been digitised and transferred to a single CD-ROM. The 140 issues, containing more than 2,700 pages, tell the exciting story of the early growth of the Pentecostal Movement, not only in Britain but also in many other parts of the world. The teachings and ministry of many early Pentecostal pioneers like Alexander Boddy and Smith Wigglesworth are reported in these pages.

The Elim Evangel 1919-1935


The Elim Evangel CD contains 9,600 pages of The (British) Elim Pentecostal Church's official magazine which began in December 1919. We have included all the editions up to December 1935 on these two CD ROM's. They contain testimonies and teachings from the most exciting period of Pentecostal growth in the UK. The amazing and miraculous campaigns of George Jeffreys are given extensive coverage and there are reports of some key events like the UK visit of Lewi Pethrus in 1924 and Aimee McPherson's two UK visits, including the Royal Albert Hall meetings in 1926 and 1928. The magazines are peppered with well-documented and dramatic healings, campaigns, church plantings and so forth.

The Redemption Tidings 1924-1939


The Assemblies of God of Great Britain and Ireland began their official magazine in July 1924 and we have included all the editions up to December 1939 on this CD ROM. Similar in content and style to the Elim Evangel they contain contributions and reports by Donald Gee, Smith Wigglesworth, Howard Carter, Lester Sumrall, J. Nelson Parr and a host of other Pentecostal pioneers. Particular reference is made to the powerful ministry and campaigns of Stephen Jeffreys. Many of the early magazines are so rare they are not available in the national collections at the British Library.

The Gifts of the Holy Ghost


by Harold Horton.


This is one of the most comprehensive of book on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Harold Horton drew on the teaching notes and  his conversations with Howard Carter in compiling it. These are really Carter's outlines and teachings which he received through much study in an English prison during the war, put in print. Horton gives an accurate and detailed analysis of 1 Corinthians 12, 13 and 14. There are chapters on each of the gifts of chapter 12. Horton makes no apologies for returning to the true supernatural operation of the gifts. He also draws on his own expences and the ministries he saw to give examples of present day operations of clear Biblical teaching. He was healed under Wigglesworth's ministry in the 20's and experieced first hand the working of God through the leading Bristish Pentecostals. Also he sat in the meetings of the American healing evangelist's of the 50's. Written in 1934 and republished continuously for 60 years, this is a modern classic.

Spiritual Gifts and Their Operation

by Howard Carter

This founding member of the Assemblies of God in Great Britain and Ireland writes with deep spiritual experince as well as simple exposition. It was during his short two year pastorate in Auckland, New Zealand that he taught these clear Biblical lessons on the subject of the nine supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. If you were to have only one book on the subject or were desiring to read on this subject for the first time I would suggest this small book.

Redemption Hymnal

The Original Revival Hymn Book

Finally back in print from 27th March 2006

The extraordinary richness, variety and depth to this hymnbook has given it enduring popularity since its inception. Now available again after a gap of 20 years, the new edition contains the original inspired selection, reset for a new generation.

The original 1951 hymnbook containing all the original 800 hymns,
reset in three hardback editions:

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